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How to troubleshoot the Norton “Not Responding” error?

Troubleshoot Norton “Not Responding” Error – Norton offers the protection for your personal as well as professional use devices from the viruses and malware. The company provides the latest features product for you but sometimes you may face issues. In order to fix these issues you may contact Norton Support or visit us at Here in this article, we will be explaining the entire process to Troubleshoot Norton “Not Responding” Error.

How to troubleshoot the Norton “Not Responding” error?

Troubleshoot Norton “Not Responding” Error

Steps to Troubleshoot Norton “Not Responding” Error –

Uninstall Previously Installed Security Tool:

  • Turn on your system and then click on the start button.
  • Now, from the main menu, you need to select the control panel.
  • Go to the Programs & Features option and then select Programs.
  • Now, you will be asked to select the product which you wish to delete from your device.
  • Select the security product from the list and then click Uninstall.
  • Furthermore, you need to wait for a while to finish the uninstallation of the product.
  • After that, click on the restart button to save the changes you have made.

Now, you can follow the process of the installation, which will Troubleshoot Norton “Not Responding” Error. In case the issue is still not resolved then you may contact Norton Support or visit

Install Norton Security Tool in Safe Mode:

  • You need to close all the programs first, and then open the run dialog box.
  • In order to open Run dialog box, press and hold Windows + R key altogether.
  • Now, type “msconfig” in the text box and then press enter to open system configuration.
  • Click yes to allow permission and then select Boot tab from the system configuration window.
  • Select Safe boot and Network and then click Ok to continue.
  • You will now be asked to restart your device, click on the Restart button.
  • Now, your device will start in the safe mode.
  • After that, follow the instructions to install the product.
  • Click Close to exit out and then check for the error.
  • if the error does not occur then restart your system in the normal mode.

If you are still facing the same error while installing or using your Norton product then you may contact Norton Support. Or visit us at for the further troubleshooting and other details.

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In order to fix these type of issues, you may need to follow the basic troubleshooting steps. If the troubleshooting steps are of no use then you may contact Norton Support or visit online.

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